Exciting New Developments in NMN and NR Research


Can a simple NR Supplement fix the age-related conditions? Alivebyscience thinks so.  Their NMN and NR Supplements have become increasingly popular due to astonishing scientific research. These so called “booster supplements”  have proven promising results in anti-aging. But have you ever wondered how the research development on these molecules have been throughout the years?

Exciting New Developments in NMN and NR Research

NR: Start of Clinical Trials in 2016 

The clinical trial analysing the bioavailability of NR in supplements initiated in 2016. In a brief study, 12 participants were administered with three NR doses of 100mg, 300mg, 1,000mg. Between two dosages, a week of washout period was given. The revealed results were that NR was bioavailable in the supplement form. Moreover, as the doses of NR increased, so did NAD+ in the bloodstream.

NR: Continued Results in 2017

Two more researches were introduced. The first one studied the sustainability and safety of a supplement company called Elysium Health. Their supplement was a blend of NR and pterostilbene and was given to 120 elderly participants. These participants between the ages of 60-80 were divided into 3 groups.

All groups went under 8 weeks of daily administration: a placebo group, a dosage of 250mg NR and 50mg PT, or a dosage of 500mg NR and 100mg PT. The group taking lower dosage had a 40% increase in NAD+ whereas the group taking double dosage experienced a 90% increase in NAD+. This shows that NR greatly elevates NAD+ levels.

NR: Breakthrough Results in 2019

Another drug from the same company was used to study its effects on the advancement of ALS. In this trial, 32 people with ALS were offered 1200mg of the drug for 4 months. The results showed an excellent boost of muscular endurance, pulmonary function, and ALS symptoms. Hence, this drug slowed the advancement of ALS and enhanced other health outcomes.

NMN Research

The research on NMN is still in the infancy stage. However, it is gaining tons of recognition, especially after David Sinclair’s book Lifespan was published and through the publicity of popular anti-aging brands like Alivebyscience. Just like NR, the trials in animal studies are promising. However, the first study in humans was revealed in this year only.

The first phase of this study only judged the safety of NMN supplements without measuring the NAD+ levels. 10 participants were administered with a single dosage of 100mg, 250mg, and 500mg of NMN randomly. No side effects were observed. The conclusion of the trial was that 500mg of NMN is safe for men.





























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